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She has a lot of questions about how the wizarding world is supposed to move on after this horrible war, how she is supposed to move on after all she has seen and endured, how long had Lucius and Draco Malfoy really been on the side of the Light and why did she have this sudden and strong connection to the Headmaster?Also who was this mysterious House Elf who had arrived to whisk the Headmaster to safety and who was this other master she kept talking about?Can Lucius really let Severus have Hermione all to himself?When Hermione decides she can no longer live with the mental scarring wrought by her vicious assault at Malfoy Manor, she enlists the aid of her former Potions professor in exchange for holding his life debt fulfilled...Severus and Lucius will without a doubt make her theirs tonight. Obviously someone made a grave mistake by placing you with these horrible muggles. He didn't need to pick a topic, because he already looked over it the day previously and decide then.NOW COMPLETE When Hermione's magic pulls her away from her friends and Hogsmeade village to the top of a hill, the decision she makes will open her eyes, shining a new light on the world around her - a very hot light.With a lot of learning and some extra homework, she will learn that some people are FAR more than they seem. **Slow-ish Updates** Set in Hermione's 6th year, beginning the weekend after her birthday. Just as you should be if you're reading it 100 Moments is a drabble series, some connected to each other, some not; some explicit, some not; but all set in the Harry Potter Universe, or should it be 'Alternate Universe?

What will happen though when he finally sees the witch she has grown into?Now Voldemort wants a show and Lucius is on the clock.Will he break her in time or will he be cut down by his Dark Lord for failing to do so?Hermione Granger has been out of her native England for five years.Leaving to explore the continent, further her quest for knowledge and escaping a certain annoying Ginger, she has had her own adventures a plenty and is now back and attending the Ministry Ball she has missed for the past few years.

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