Dating not violence

LEANDER, Texas (KXAN) -- A local high school student is working to prevent dating violence among her peers.Tuesday night she will hold the first meeting to talk with students and parents about harassment and abuse, the warning signs and what they can do about it. Teen Dating Violence is a pattern of abusive behavior that someone uses against their partner to cause pain and gain power and control over them.Forms of Abuse: same as DV Physical – hitting, kicking, punching, slapping, scratching, biting, choking, hair pulling, physically restraining, grabbing, blocking a doorway, poking, pinching, throwing objects, etc.Mental/Emotional/Psychological – Humiliating his/her partner, controlling what they can/cannot do, withholding information, deliberately doing something to embarrass their partner or make them feel diminished, isolation from family/friends, threatening suicide if their partner breaks up with them, extreme jealousy, not taking responsibility for their actions, etc.Verbal – verbal threats, name calling, put downs, belittling, etc.She's calling her education campaign "Not #Me Too," a response to the social media movement that started last fall to provide women and men space to share their experiences with harassment, abuse and sexual assault."I really want to prevent it from happening," Jones said."I don't want more people to have to say, 'Me too, me too, me too.' I want it to stop.""It's really a prevention message, and that's what we're really about," Randy Randolph said.

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Click here for more information on how to help a friend.

Financial – using money or resources to control their partner, buying gifts in attempt to keep their partner in the relationship and/or to make up for abusive behavior, making their partner depend on them for food/clothes/rides, etc.

Abuse is likely to reoccur and escalate as time goes on. A teacher, a friend, a parent, a guidance counselor, a family member – just be sure to tell someone. If someone discloses to you that this is happening to them, be there for them, support them, do not judge them, and do not tell them what to do.

The study showed principals who received formal training perceived dating violence as a serious problem and were significantly more likely to assist survivors.

Khubchandani also says the survey revealed some attitudes among principals that minimized the topic of teen dating violence or didn’t view it as a problem in their school, according to the Indy Star.

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