Dating lionel zw transformers

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Below we’ve listed these transformers in numerical order in the Numerical Index.ZW-L TRANSFORMER - New and More Advanced Version of the Classic Lionel ZW No single product has come to symbolize the legend of Lionel more than the Lionel ZW.That's why we're especially proud to announce a new and more advanced version – the Lionel ZW-L Transformer.Produced from 1948 until 1966, early units would have a Bakelite circuit breaker which is more reliable than the later produced wafer-type. Although the exterior appears the same, major internal changes were made to this version to facilitate easier assembly.There are four variations: Variation A: 250 watt available power produced in 1948-49. For the first few years this variation was manufactured, they were stamped on the bottom plate "ZW(R)." Produced 1957 until 1966. Los Angeles, California and Cleveland, Ohio had their own electrical statutes in place.

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