Dating in the odyssey years

All of the situations in the Odyssey are in-keeping with what we know of earlier Greek society, from religious practises, to political arrangements. West (who was great, but remains slightly controversial for some) stated quite bluntly in his 2014 ‘The Making of the Odyssey’ that he’d say a realistic dating for the Odyssey would be after 650BC.

We can also manage to pinpoint a few things from what isn’t mentioned, along with what is: Buckley points out that there is very little evidence of ideas of proper sculpture (in a form it would have been known as a little later in Greek history), for example. He bases this on various areas of the poem, things like the fact that it shows knowledge of Egypt, which he’d say would signify post-650.

The date they came up with fits the time most scholars think the "Iliad" was compiled, so the paper, published in the journal Bioessays, won't have classicists in a snit.

It replicates with a fidelity that's just astonishing." By documenting the regularity of the linguistic mutations, Pagel and the others have given a timeline to the story of Helen and the men who died for her -- genetics meets the classics.

Joel Shurkin is a freelance writer based in Baltimore.

The text is Homer's "Iliad," and Homer -- if there was such a person -- probably wrote it in 762 B. The "Iliad" tells the story of the Trojan War -- if there was such a war -- with Greeks battling Trojans.

The researchers accept the received orthodoxy that a war happened and someone named Homer wrote about it, said Mark Pagel, an evolutionary theorist at the University of Reading in England.

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