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We are aware of at least a small group who are renting an Airbnb and have openings. The next SA/S-Anon International Convention (January 12-14, 2018) will be held right next door in San Antonio.

Just a reminder, early registration is preferred; hotel rooms at the venue will probably fill up in the next several weeks. It can be found here: https:// In line with the Eleventh Tradition, our FB page is another mechanism to let people know we are here―it is supposed to be a tool of attraction and should not be used for promotion.

DFW Area SA Intergroup Step Workshop • Focus will be on steps 1-4 • We can help with Steps 1-12 • Bring your sponsor if you can • Experienced sponsors available to provide individual help Recovery Tools to Bring With You • Positive attitude of sobriety • Writing instrument • Paper or journal • SA White book • Step In To Action book (Copies of Step In To Action will be available at Workshop – please bring your own –purchase from SAICO at

This started to take toll on me as I was getting hornier but my dear hubby did not have time to take-care of my heat.

It never is supposed to happen but it just happened. My husband is still hot even to this day but for the past few years sex has become a scarce activity in our lives.

As I opened it I saw few pairs of very expensive Lingerie.

I asked him who is it for expecting to get a name but instead he said they are for me.

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