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The older ones are just ok, on par with many MIJ Greco’s, Yamahas and Ibanez’s from the same period.

As you can see from the pictures there is no Les Paul or Super Grade script on the headstock of the Tokai/Burny FLG-60.

I have been playing guitar since my early teens, professionally while at university and semi prof. Today I’m a semi-amateur guitar player, playing country rock, or backing a Swedish female singer, when not working as a senior advisor for the government.

A year ago on E-bay you could easily buy a plaintop 1983-85 RLG 50 for 350-400 $, today they sell for 700-800 $ and if you want to by one from a dealer in Europe, You will have to pay 800-900 $.

They are similar in many ways except for the name on the headstock.

They even have Tokai black inked numbers on the back of the headstock.

The first Les Paul standards are from 1975, and the ones that I have seen are not that great.

The hardware (chrome) and the pickups are not very good, and the finish of these guitars is not as good as on the later ones.

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