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In the spirit of keeping the forum open and the advice flowin’,use the comments section to share any actor websites that you think were well done!

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is a Foreigner/Filipina couple who are both the same age.

Yes, it’s true, the whole processis simply frustrating. An outdated website is worse than any website at all. Third person updates - Unless you’re a huge star, it’s just plain weird to write your news and/or blog updates in the third person. Flash website - Ten years ago, flash was the bomb diggity.

It’s YOUR website, so people expect for it to be personal. Unfortunately, it’s quickly becoming a useless format because it’s not compatible with smart phones and i Pads.

Okay, so enough about mistakes, here’s what you absolutely NEED! A business email - In addition to your agents/managers info, you need a way to be reached at all times Make the address separate from your personal email.

Use Gmail, but feel free to customize if you see fit (i.e. Embedded reels - Make sure your reels are easy to find, and use the You Tube player.

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