Dating divorce infidelity

Jeff doesn't do his marriage, himself or his crew any favors when he ignores his values and engages in infidelity.

This type of infidelity occurs when the cheater has little emotional attachment to his/her spouse.

If you have ever been the victim of infidelity the first question you probably asked was "why?

" The consequences of infidelity are numerous and it is only natural to want to know why your spouse chose to cheat.

When the straying spouse willing to forgive, you can begin exploring the possibility of saving your marriage.

And the exploration begins with a broadening of perspective. It is also a wakeup call to the fact that it’s time to deal with your…Read more: How Infidelity Can Save A Marriage (Yes, It’s Possible!

There could be many reasons because there are many types of infidelity and cheating.

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The more in love a person is with their spouse, the more guilt he/she will experience as a result of their sexual encounter.In other words, some people cheat, not because they want to cheat, but because they need the approval that comes along with a having the attention of others. He is tight with his flight crew and wants to be considered one of the guys.In fact, it is very important to Jeff that his crew view him, not as their commanding officer but, as someone they can identify with. When away from home and he and his crew are out and about when others pick up on women, Jeff follows suit so he can be viewed as going along with the gang. Instead of setting an example for his crew he chooses to encourage undesirable behavior out of his fear of being different.If you’re interested in learning how infidelity can save a marriage, you’re going to have to have an open-mind and be willing to make your own rules for your life despite what society may say is appropriate behavior.Going against the norm isn’t easy, but when you make choices that reflect the true you the rewards are always greater self-respect and satisfaction with your life.

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