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For this exercise, you will analyze a person's ethos based on their self-summary.

You'll then play match-maker, deciding amongst four candidates who would make the best match with your bachelor or bachelorette.

To introduce students to the implications of online writing and the ways in which our writing reflects a particular image of ourselves to different audiences.

Here are some questions to consider: For any of these questions, you will want to provide a specific example/quote/evidence to explain your assessment.

If you have an immediate reaction to the person's profile, try to identify what sparked the reaction.

Should you seek out sample profiles to excerpt, here are my suggestions: There is, perhaps, no clearer instance of an argument based on character than online dating profiles.

Each person's profile essentially makes the argument that "you should date me because of who I am." On the free online dating site Ok Cupid, users are asked to write a "self-summary" which is the first thing people see when visiting their profile.

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