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Paradis – the picture of Parisienne elegance, but also a relaxed, rolly-up-smoker – pauses between licky dabs at her cigarette paper. Cinema, I guess, also," she adds in her occasionally back-to-front French-accented English; she sounds like a lyrical Yoda.

"Yeah, yeah, there's that," she agrees, tentatively. "Music is different – music, I guess, is more protective.

"It just makes sense," Paradis shrugs, perfectly Frenchly, of her enthusiasm for promoting her sixth studio album one year into its shelf-life.

So I mixed them both, and I'm not the best at accents! "So I'll be surprised to see my accent performance." Then there's her music: next month the singer's current album, Love Songs, is receiving another push with a one-off UK show at the Forum in London.

She sang not only the first phrase with the melody but even the words. ' It was like a melody that can lighten you up in church. But despite her mother's teenage example, Lily-Rose is seemingly yet to request her own moment in the spotlight.

As the daughter of internationally famous parents, the adolescent Ms Depp-Paradis must be as aware as anyone of the likely pressures.

But she says that even after that first flush of pop success, she wasn't sure she wanted music to be her future. I started to love music at the same time that I loved cinema, which was through musicals, the old MGM musicals with Gene Kelly. I would watch those movies and sing along in English before I could speak English cos I had learnt it from those films.

Music, cinema, dance, Technicolor – it was such a perfect world for me.

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