Dating a pro athlete

Im sorry but you will be second fiddle to the sport I boxed at a very decent amateur level and had no time for relationships.

Getting to that standard requires extreme dedication and a very selfish lifestyle where your profession comes first.

You may have noticed that most wives of professional athletes don't have traditional careers, but why?

Due to the nature of your ability (and you have lived this lifestyle since you were under 10) you are very competitive in everything you do, and always want your own way This is why sports people often date other sports people or people in the industry.If you're merely casually dating; you won't truly exhibit a sacrificial element beyond recognizing what your man gives up to be the best, which is a fascinating concept in itself.However, if you're co-parenting, engaged, or married to an athlete, your sacrificial seed is sown at a much higher cost.When dating an athlete, there are considerations which are different than when dating other people.The amount of dedication and focus it takes to be an athlete can spill over onto all other areas of his life, and affect you too.

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