Dating a policemans daughter

Spouses of cops say goodbye in person everyday, and go through that again, every day, instead of just once every 6 months to a year for military deployment.Not to diminish military service, but it's not the same for the spouses in that aspect. You will notice that cops are not like normall people, no matter how much he tries. You can try, but it's ingrained into your psyche and your body mechanics.I’m not sure what happened yet, but you need to remember how much your dad loves you.”Not many of us sit in our rooms, praying the garage door will open soon and that he just got caught up with a lot of paper work.You can’t imagine the fear that comes with being the daughter of a man who puts his life on the line in his day-job.

That's not it, but really, after working a scene where 4 teenagers got their heads cut off in a car accident, saving toddlers from a house where there's feces caked on the wall and parents are passed out from drugs all day, taking abused and horrifically battered women to shelters and fighting the subhuman boyfriend to arrest him, etc., and you bitching about some reality show character doing something dumb or how Macy's didn't have that particular size shoe in stock just doesn't seem that significant to us.

When your dad got home from work, did he ever tell you about his day over dinner?

I’m sure it was nice, hearing what he did all day, knowing what kind of day he had.

Some good points are already covered, but being a cop for 20 years, and having worked affluent suburbs to urban war zones, from street enforcement, to undercover, to boring desk jobs, to training, I will tell you, and this is the bottom line: It takes a SAINT to date and marry a police officer.

You absolutely have to be one of the most accommodating and loving and understanding person in the world.

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