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Soon they went to the basement and we could soon here fucking and moaning.The host asked if we wanted to watch as long as no pics.In the other bedroom was the other wife who was a little chubby but huge tits and the black guy fucking her must been 9-10 inches long.Her husband was sitting in a chair recording her getting fucked. She says next time she may take on the huge cock guy.There was an end of year “Round-Up” that was timed to coincide with another nationwide circuit party, which is pretty well known, the “White Party.”I participated with Marie in the Snow Bunny Round-Up / White Party circuit for three years.Most of the events were held at downtown hotels, although there were three I recall that were held in private homes in a couple of exclusive, gated communities.

It was pretty wild watching them make out & fondle the wives.While this response has nothing to do with my wife, I had a long-term affair partner, Marie, that fetishized black men, specifically group encounters/gang-bangs with black men.I arranged a gang-bang event for Marie, and after the fact, found out about her fetish and craving.Marie was an interesting, and somewhat “damaged” woman - a devout Catholic, married, but a total slut with insatiable needs.After these events she would be an emotional wreck, filled with self-loathing, while at the same time off-the-chart horny and lust filled.

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