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One of the aims of the protest, he said, was to target advertisers with hopes of ads being pulled.

The Nova Scotia Liquor Commission confirmed on Thursday it had pulled an advertisement. However, we were advertising on Q104 our Air Miles program.

"If the bride gets here, Lucy and I would be happy to show her around and we will make sure that she knows something else Canadian women have won in the last 100 years: the right to a divorce." Douglas said he knows Leslie and was disappointed in her statement.

"I was disappointed that she was quite so theatrical [Wednesday] afternoon on the floor of the House of Commons," he said.

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As a result, the NSLC has ended our advertising campaign four days earlier than planned," Rick Perkins, vice-president of business development and communications, said in an email.

A few dozen people gathered outside the radio station to protest the contest Thursday, as employees looked on from inside.

"International Women's Day is a day we really want to highlight the inequalities and oppression of women, and it's very offensive with such a sexist contest, said Laurie Ehler, who attended Thursday's protest. It has a lot of history and lots of international issues around human trafficking." Derrick Dixon organized an online petition that gathered more than 700 signatures.

"I can't really believe in today's day and age that a radio station thinks that it's OK to commodify women in this way by presenting them as a prize to be won in a contest," Dixon said.

Dixon said the station should issue an apology, pull the contest and donate the money that would have been spent to send the men to the Czech Republic to a local women's charity.

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