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sent me an e-mail to become a Member there for .00 USD.

I sent them the .00 USD and I received NO Membership, they then decided ban me from the site, this has happened to many other people aswell.

We are only too pleased to answer any questions, concerns or complaints you have concerning the site.

(CNN) -- Computer hackers supporting Wiki Leaks shifted targets Thursday from Amazon to Pay Pal, they said, as Dutch authorities announced an arrest in connection with hacker attacks on the websites of Master Card and Visa.

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Consumers love to do business with someone that can admit mistakes and state how they made improvements.Also, they do offer some kind of serivce, or use to offer a service thats url was spam'd by a chat-avenue chat bot and probally still is.I don't know why people are defending such a horrible place unless the posts were made by the chat avenue owner.They refuse to give you a refund, they have about 20 Pop-Ups on their site.If you try and contact the owner of the site Daniel he will just ignore you and maybe send you an e-mail saying it will be done in about ONE week.

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