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Nationalism, religious beliefs, obscenity, and “edutainment” are among the issues discussed. Over the past 40 years, she has published 15 novels set mostly in and around Baltimore City.

Her characters may be "traditional," perhaps "provincial," or simply "odd." In an interview shortly after her latest novel was published, Tyler said "nothing in my books comes from real life." Yet she writes about the decaying area of east Baltimore and the affluence of Roland Park in the west.

This cour Examines how the Supreme Court establishes and enforces the constitutional rules that govern law enforcement in the United States, including the 4th Amendment's provisions on searches and arrests, the 5th and 6th Amendment protections for individuals charged with a crime, and the 8th Amendment's requirement for bail and its ban on cruel and unusual punishments.

We will also explore myths of writing as well, in particular ancient pagan and early Christian mythologies which sought to explain how letters, words, and languages were “invented” and “discovered” through the medium of the newly restored fresco cycle in the Vatican Library’s Salone Sistino.

We will then proceed to the Printing Revolution of the 15th and 16th centuries, exploring the earliest invention of printing by movable type in the age of Gutenberg and the “incunabula” period, one of the most energetic and experimental periods in the history of book making.

Unrecognized by the American film industry as a distinct formula during the classic period of Hollywood (1930-1960), Cinema historians and critics defined the category retrospectively to describe the distinctive style look and feel of many American films made during the 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s. This course focuses on major developments in modern medicine from the scientific revolution and the Enlightenment to the late 20th century and considers those developments within their social, political, cultural, and economic contexts.

The course examines the cultural origins, unique elements, underlying values, and major auteurs of both American noir and international noir filmmakers. The focus is on the growth of scientific/bio medicine.

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