Consolidating debt with credit card companies

Unfortunately, the lenders offering student loan refinancing aren’t exactly forthcoming with this information.Unlike many peer-to-peer lenders, they don’t publish rate charts that indicate what credit score will get you what interest rate.But how will your credit scores affect refinancing student debt?Getting student loans as a student is typically a pretty easy affair.So, does that mean that you shouldn’t even try to refinance your student loans if you have anything less than a credit score of 700?Well, in some cases, you need to wait until your credit score is that high.Even 660 is fairly high for a new graduate who hasn’t had much time to build a good credit history.But it makes sense that lenders require this level of financial reliability, especially since student loans often represent a huge debt.

Just how much do your scores affect the rate you’ll pay on a student loan refinance?That’s because as a student, you’re not required to be either credit- or income-qualified to take out a student loan.On certain loans that require credit and income verification, students can usually take them out by simply adding a cosigner.The problem is, refinancing generally requires either good or excellent credit.The credit score requirement may be too high for most recent college graduates.

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