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He was jovial, well liked, and generally involved in most things worth being involved in. He captained debate team and was perpetually successful with the girls he chased.

Jenny was popular, not because she was terrible to other people, but because she oozed a sort of warmth and genuine connection that allowed her to get her way in almost every situation imaginable.

She was the ASB events planner, dance team choreographer, Spanish Club Secretary, Yearbook Editor, and so many other things.

She cruised through AP classes like they were merely suggestions.

It didn't take long for all of the old jokes and barbs and comfort to fall back into place.

Good friendships are like good books—easy to pick back up even when you've been away for a while.

And by the time they had arrived in the city of sin they were mostly caught up on each other's various city existences.

She had dark brunette hair that she usually wore to the side with whatever various dress or romper or jeans and a sweatshirt combo that she was going with that day. Don't act like you've never seen me dress like a slut before. That's more Noah's category of expertise anyway." She said, giving his chin a playful scrunch. "Well, it's Vegas, I only have three days and I plan to be drunk the entire time and probably wearing either something like this or less.

But now she stepped out of the lobby bathroom amidst the glowing flat-screen columns of the casino wearing a flared pink skirt with a bare-midriff flowered blouse tied tight. " Elijah said as she approached them with a playful bounce in her step. "I prefer the term 'non-monogamous serial romancer'," he countered, as he slung their bags onto the bellhop cart. It's supposed to be HOT this weekend anyway," She made a *CLICKCLICK* sound and did the corny two-handed point as she finished her sentence, all of them cracking up like old times at the bad double-entendre.

One of the biggest things that had kept all three friends connected over the years was the music festivals they enjoyed attending.

It was perhaps because they grew up together that the one thing they always shared was a love for a similar style of music.

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