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He was brought home, throwing up blood from a punctured lung. Other children, in addition to Elsie, were Manuel Garcia, who lived in Sacramento, married Mary Machado and then, when widowed, married Eleanor Avila.Manuel Machado used to hang out at the store at 5th and T Streets owned by Goldie Dias and her father, where the young men would talk, drink, and sometimes box with each other in the alley.Others in the family who settled in California after later being sent for by Manuel were John, Tony, Ernest, and Mary.At some point in time he bought the Cascade Dairy, a milk-delivery service, purchasing milk from a creamery on C Street and selling the milk door-to-door, measuring it out into the customer's pitcher. Some of the customers would kid Fonts, asking "How much water did you add to the milk today?The Granicos and Viegases were among the men so transported. Elsie trained herself to take care of the books and other paperwork, including the business tax matters. She recalled the time a man stole a jug of wine from the store and she went chasing after him, with Manuel following her.While Manuel was handling the outside business, Elsie tended the store, which was open seven days a week from 7 a.m. The Machados sometimes had help, such as Elsie's brother Manuel Garcia when he was off-duty from the firehouse, and Ed Maria, and Eddie Avila, who worked for food during the Depression.The family joke was that maybe Clarence was traded with another baby at the hospital because he didnt look like the rest of them.

Elsie's father had been rescued from an accident at sea when his boat tipped over.

Elsie used to socialize a lot until one day Manuel, working alone in the store, was hit on the head and robbed. Elsie and Manuel Machado raised four children: Elsie, Manuel, Clarence, and Mary.

Elsie graduated from the University of California at Berkeley and then taught home economics. Manuel became a dentist after attending dental school at the University of California, San Francisco.

Eight years later he sent for his wife who, as a grass widow in Pico, was required by custom to wear a black shawl, refrain from wearing bright clothing, or go dancing.

He later sent for his sister Marian, who married a Marciel.

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