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Back in Michigan, Slotkin said that she routinely gets asked about global events people read about in that day’s newspaper: “Businessmen ask me, ‘I have a trip coming up in Seoul. People will then say they consider themselves independent.

That’s Michigan.” Each could be well positioned to ride a wave of backlash in the midterms — if it materializes.

In 2014, Spanberger left the agency and moved home to the Richmond suburb of Glen Allen, near where she and her husband grew up, to raise their three kids. Dave Brat (R-Va.), the Freedom Caucus leader who toppled then-House Majority Leader Eric Cantor in a 2014 primary.

“There is a lot of concern among people living in our district about where we find ourselves on the international stage,” Spanberger said in an interview.

On the stump, each puts the heaviest emphasis on the economy and health care. ’ People are concerned about the instability.” -- Because both women are challenging Republican incumbents and Trump won each district by 7 points last year, they are running as pragmatic moderates who are eager to work across the aisle.

That said, they’ve also discovered that — because the world is such a tinderbox right now — people are remarkably engaged on national security. “I am out there every day talking with Trump voters,” Slotkin said. they think I am a Republican because of my CIA and DOD experience. I say I am running as a Midwestern Democrat and that I have worked for Democrats and Republicans proudly.

Patrick Ryan, one of the top-tier contenders to face Faso in New York’s Hudson Valley, served two combat tours in Iraq, including one as the lead intelligence officer for an infantry battalion in Mosul.

After retiring as a captain, the West Point grad started a successful cybersecurity firm.

People from across the ideological spectrum work there.“We’d ask ourselves: what information do we not have? Then on the operations side, we’d look to figure out how to get that information,” she explained.“My role was to encourage people to take great risks so that our government could act wisely and make decisions based on that information.” That’s one of the reasons that the House health-care debate really got her goat.Spanberger, running against Brat, faces five other Democrats in a primary that won’t take place until next year.GOP operatives expect they will probably wind up fielding a couple of candidates of their own who have intelligence backgrounds, though no one who has announced for 2018 yet has worked at the CIA. Ami Bera (D-Calif.), was a Marine Corps intelligence officer before working at the Department of Homeland Security and the State Department. Will Hurd (R-Tex.), who is facing a tough reelection fight in a district carried by Hillary Clinton, is a former CIA agent who was stationed in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

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