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Active Notch signaling prevented neural progenitors from differentiating into feeding circuit neurons, whereas conditional loss of Notch signaling lead to a premature differentiation of these neurons.Presently, we hypothesized that Kisspeptin neurons would similarly be affected by Notch manipulation.The mammalian arcuate nucleus (ARC) houses neurons critical for energy homeostasis and sexual maturation.Proopiomelanocortin (POMC) and Neuropeptide Y (NPY) neurons function to balance energy intake and Kisspeptin neurons are critical for the onset of puberty and reproductive function.

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Analyzing the variation in different subpopulations of newborn neurons is central to the study of adult hippocampal neurogenesis.“The underlying principle is straightforward: a permanent marker is brought into a cell of interest at the time point of division and the later fate of this cell is studied.Because the marker is persistent, it is possible to retrospectively conclude with confidence that a marked cell must have undergone cell division at the time when the marker was injected (sic)” (Kempermann, 2006).To address this, we utilized mice with a conditional deletion of the Notch signaling co-factor expressing cells of the developing hypothalamus.Interestingly, we found that in both models, a lack of Kisspeptin neurons are observed.

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