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" "It was warm." And the way he said "warm," it's like it was warm. As the Stacy Peterson investigation went into month two, husband Drew was pulling big interest. I’m getting married." And I said, "You're getting married? Hoda Kotb: When you say "easily agitated," what do you mean? Steve Carcerano: And Drew happened to come down the street. And he thinks something might be wrong because he's gone trying to drop off the kids for the past day and a half. And I believe I remember her laying face down and her hair was wet. Twelve days after Stacy went missing, the Will County state's attorney, who was not in office when Kathy died, made a stunning announcement: Kathy’s death would be re-investigated. Peterson, the Bolingbrook bon vivant, has been married four times. Kyle Piry: We had gotten into an argument and at some point he pushed me. And at that point he straddled over me, in a police hold I believe it is. Stacy's husband Drew said much the same thing -- with a twist. Drew Peterson: That's just because she's not with me anymore. Hoda Kotb: Why are you so convinced that she walked away from this marriage?

Hoda Kotb: So, he thought there was a body in there? The authorities had named him a suspect but filed no charges. And that's not like Kathy not to be there when the kids were being dropped off. But I don't remember any blood soaked hair, or anything like that. Steve Carcerano: What Drew immediately did upon entering the bathroom is he checked her pulse. Pinned my arms against the floor with his knee and just verbally abused me. I mean, you saw him come up to your window obviously. He has been playing hide-and-speak with the media for almost two months. Drew Peterson: Well, there are certain things I don't want to talk about due to an ongoing investigation. Hoda Kotb: But some basic things you have discussed is you thought that she was leaving you, right?

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Stacy Ann Cales was the third of five children born to Anthony and Christie Cales. Court records show that Stacy’s mom was in and out of trouble with the law.

she was very mature for her age in a lot of senses because she had a very tough upbringing.

Up and down the neighborhoods, families prepared for fright night. Drew Peterson was one of Bolingbrook’s finest -- a police sergeant with more than two decades of experience -- when he met Stacy in 2001. Stacy, a high-school graduate, was just 17 -- 30 years his junior. Stacy was 19; she'd just given birth to their first child. Scott says the two of them had been exchanging flirty texts but they were not involved romantically. Pam says Cassandra punched her cell over and over, trying to reach her sister. Hoda Kotb: But on this particular thing, is it her sister? Drew Peterson: Her emotion, because it hit her very hard. She-- Stacy was on an emotional roller coaster from month to month. Drew Peterson: But then the next day, or next couple days-- it was romantic again, and good again. Drew Peterson: Well, I was this older man with this younger woman and it bothered a lot of people. Drew Peterson: I don't think anything would be different. An autopsy conducted for the family concluded her death was a homicide. Pam Bosco is close to the family --and close to Stacy. Her mother took off for good in 1998 and her dad began moving the family around the country. Oh my goodness, just the light shows and the this and the that.Purple plaid bikini laugh, you'll cry, Chubby hot pants buy more beer than you really ought There was some ideal of masculinity on the screen, maybe not your ideal.

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