Being so accommodating and ramielle malubay dating

We like being treated well but we don’t want a guy with no personality of his own who does nothing but cater to what we want.

I personally like healthy debating or taking turns picking date places so you can get to know the other person better.

If I wanted to date myself I wouldn’t be on the market.

This guy even cooked me dinner on his birthday and made food that I like but instead of being appreciative I was annoyed.

But, even so, you must always make some time for your friends if you hope to maintain those relationships.

The girl I am speaking of is one of those women who makes herself accommodating.

We turn down viable opportunities to see our friends in order to potentially see the guy we are banging and we become disappointed when our guy doesn’t give us a call.

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Men don’t want the easy girl and they certainly do not want anything long term with someone they perceive as a whore.

The “too accommodating dater” becomes annoying over time and we all want a challenge over a lap dog. Whenever we would go out everything revolved around what I wanted.

I am in no way saying to not make time for your boyfriend but I am cautioning being too quick to ditch your friends for a new man.

When you are in a long term relationship there is certainly more understanding, especially when you are married.

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