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(Note: Everyone who contributed to this article agreed there were exceptions to this perception.) “I’m not interested in starting my night off at 12 a.m.,” Emerson Scott said. I just want to go out to dinner, have some wine, go home and watch a movie.” Scott is a widower of 17 years and relatively new to the island.

He’s an eligible bachelor with several attractive qualities.

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“You only have so much time, so casual dating doesn’t seem fair to me,” he said.

Because the island is small, people are hesitant to date in fear that, if it doesn’t work out, they will feel awkward if they bump into the other person. CH2 (and CB2 – Celebrate Bluffton and Beyond), has evolved into a well-respected publication with over 150 advertisers and a distribution to over 47,000 locals and visitors each month.

Content ranges from Interesting Islander profiles and arts and entertainment pieces to food and wine topics and Hilton Head and Bluffton Business Profiles.

“You send out and e-mail and then you get a two-word response. Do you go for funny or should you go ahead and tell your life story? Given this soft ground to make what should be a firm commitment, why do people feel compelled to make the effort to find quality companionship? In September of 2006, Celebrate Hilton Head (CH2) burst onto the scene with a fresh perspective on Hilton Head Island, Bluffton and the surrounding Low Country.

Scott summed it up: “Having someone special in your life is healthy on multiple levels—physically, mentally and spiritually. 10 Funny Online dating terms: : Hugs & Kisses Tips For Dating in the area: 1. Don’t worry about gossip but don’t be the reason for gossip, either. At the helm was a team of young women (all under 30!

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