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Read parenting books, listen to parenting podcasts, or attend parenting classes or workshops together on an annual basis.

And it’s especially hard when you and your Ex are disagreeing and butting heads. Just ask my teenager about the bad words he heard me say the other night about half an hour before our family devotional reading from James 3 about taming the tongue.

Some “subjects” could include: Fairness, Consistency, Listening, Disciplining, Fun, etc.

And if you are going to ask for your kids’ perspectives, be sure you keep an open mind as you listen. Far better for your marriage, your kids, and your own peace of mind to invest some time and money in counseling from a qualified professional like a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist than to stay stuck in frustrating patterns that just aren’t getting any better.

And if it’s hard on you, think about how hard it must be on your kids, who desperately need you to work it out with as much cooperation and respect as possible. Because I’ve got some simple, practical, real life tips to help you navigate the difficulties of c0-parenting with sanity and balance: As parents who love our kids, our aim is to raise them to become fully capable and responsible adults who will strive to make a positive impact on the world around them. And that sort of theoretical statement sounds all great and wonderful when our kids are little. If we go about rescuing our teens every time we see them on the verge of blowing it, how do we expect them to be able to handle the tough parts of life when they are adults? Let your teens know you are still a work in progress.

But once they hit their teen years, we all start finding out how much we really mean this kind of “mission statement.” Because in adolescence, the line between childhood and adulthood gets really blurry. And our teens need us to stay on the adult side of the line, even as they desperately long to reach grown up status for themselves. Or do we plan on continuing to bail them out through their adult years? But be sure you share with them how that process of progress works in your life. Share more of our decision-making thought process with them as they mature through their teen years.

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