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Once you’ve deleted them, there’s no going back, at least without restoring from a complete backup made of the device.

The date selection trick is by far the simplest method of removing may photos at once.

You can manually set text layout and properties, most importantly, you can define Date Format and even add GPS Position, GPS Altitude, File Name as stamps.

All products are free to upgrade, once you purchased the software, you can use it forever.

If you want to remove every single photo from the i Phone, you can use this trick.

Photos in other formats or shot with other cameras will not be listed in the photo selection dialog in Step 5.

In addition, white balance and vignette control cannot be applied to multiple exposures or pictures created with image overlay.

Exposure compensation for NEF (RAW) processing can only be set to values between -2 and 2 EV.

If you need to remove a bunch of pictures from your i Phone, the i OS Photos app now includes a handy group selection tool that allows for bulk modification of many images without having to resort to tapping and marking a ton of pics or any of the other deletion tricks.

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