Backdating syllabus

And also students are provided with the facility to apply directly for vacancies advertised via the CA Website or by directly applying to those organizations.Once you commence the training you should enter into a training agreement with the supervising member & the Training organization (Training Partner) & that should be registered with the institute.Thereafter the duly filled agreement should be handed over to the Training Division with the pay-in-slip for the payment which is specified by the Institute for registration as a valid Training Agreement.If a student had already started the training he or she can request to backdate the commencement date of training through Supervising Member.The new curriculum encourages practical training in the form of on-the-job training along with studies in a bid to empower students with relevant professional skills, knowledge, attitudes and behavior required of a qualified accountant.Total period and levels of Personal Pillar CA Sri Lanka students who are undergoing training are known as Trainees, are required to complete the total training period of three years with a minimum of 220 working days per year under following three levels ; CA training is full time course where the students have to joint with an approved training partner & be supervised under a chartered Accountant.This is done on random basis & the trainee has to provide rough records of training for that period.

Non Public practice organizations (Non audit sector): should request the agreement with a covering letter in a company letter head, training programme & the rotation form Download Training Programme & the Rotation Form The Training Division issues three blank copies of the agreement if the basic requirements are fulfilled.

Also the training period should be registered in the Institute under a Training Agreement in order to recognize it as valid practical training.

Trainees are allowed to complete the training period by signing two separate training agreements under any of the following options.

Members of CIMA/ACCA & full time lecturers in approved universities of Sri Lanka lecturing in Accounting or/and Finance subjects are allowed to sit Corporate examination without completing training requirement.

* The above certificates are awarded upon the approval of the Council.

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