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so I just want to thank for the Memories and May God Bless! My view of the World is still stuck in those romantic days, peopled by TV giants, such as yourself. I just saw your "The Charles Avery Story" episode of "Wagon Train" from back in 1957 (Season 1, Episode 9 on Novembers 13th to be exact) as a repreat on today's Cable Channel 20 here this afternoon from 12 noon to p.m. Charles Avery who hid in the well 15 years ago from this episode when "Black Cloud" and his Indian on a "War Party" raided his family homestead there killing his parents and siblings, him the only survivor and on a mission of revenge, but you as Flint telling him that if he made any advance toward sending Black Cloud to the "Happy Hunting Ground in the Sky" [not mentioned in the program, but that the phrase fits, right?Dear Robert Horton I have been a fan of yours for a long time. Iveta Podrouzkova Czech Republic On the radio this evening was playing 'Shenandoah' and I was carried back to the late 50'ies instantly. All the very best to you for giving me such enjoyment as a child; the thunder of the hooves, the crack of rifle shots, casually tying a horse to the timber rail outside the Saloon. (:-)] that you would kill him on the spot, so with co-stars of Mr.I urge boomers to ignore any pressure to marry again quickly, whether from a partner, friends, or relatives. Neither my partner nor I choose to marry, but we both feel living together is a viable option.I've taken some heat in the past for being so outspokenly upbeat about boomer women, but in my experience they truly are had passed away I felt that I have lost my (2) two best friends not to mention my other two friends that was Charlie wooster and bill hawks and when you left the series I never cared to watch the series again for when you left and was called home a little bit of me seem to die and I always wonder what happen to you now I know and I am very happy for you!Foods they like, favorite activities, sexuality, intellect, family ties, openness, integrity, and a myriad of other qualities.

I have several single women friends in their 60s who fall into both categories, but most are simultaneously creating a life without a partner and at the same time seeking one.

I would like to request an autograph,or if possible, an autographed photograph of you. A magical world, a fantasy yes, but so innocent and guileless. Granger, Nico Minardos as Black Cloud and Susan Kohler as Mokai plus Abel Fernandez as Second Indian Brave "still with us", would you too: Yours truly, - - - - - - - - - Joe PS born: 1953, so a fan of yours from the old days when my parents would watch this at supper time, sending us kids to bed with the western music our bedtime songs (;-), and also a fan of BONANZA on Sunday nights too.

My favorites of yours being: Murder, She Wrote; Hardy Boys/ Nancy Drew Mysteries, Police Woman (have SP from Angie Dickenson), Longstreet, Barbara Stanwick Show (bought her signed picture of book cover photo, I also liked The Big Valley) , Alfred Hitchcock Presents (on Du Pont Show with June Allyson (bought her SP also), The Lone Ranger (wrote to Clayton Moore and he sent me a signed photo! I WATCHED THE OLD WAGON TRAIN SERIES, AS LONG AS ROBERT WAS THE STAR THAT DAY, AND I STILL DO.

He will grow older too, but with much less in his life. Although taking a break is a quick fix for date fatigue, the magnitude of boomer dating burnout warrants a discussion deeper than weariness.

I just wanted to thank you for being one of my Heroes I was born and raised in a little river town over looking the Mississippi river which was Quincy, Illinois in 1957 I was 9 yrs old when wagon train rolled on to our little round TV picture tube and it gave one little boy a whole world to enjoy of playing cowboys & Indians and when you left the series and Mr.

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