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"Go for a boat ride, whether it’s a paddle boat, a drinks cruise, or just renting a small row or motor boat and taking your date to the open waters," Jessica Elizabeth Opert, feminist love coach, tells Bustle."There is something timelessly romantic about a boat ride for two." In addition, Opert says it’ll give you and your date time to chat while also offering up breaks to take in the scenery.Even if you’re not a golfer, going to a driving range can be fun, especially on a first date.

Whether you live near a river, lake, or ocean, the water provides a great summer first-date setting.

“Putting on your favorite baseball jersey and cheering for your team is a perfect first-date option.” To get to know one another more, she says you can also start the date with a couple drinks at a local bar near the stadium.

“Overall, baseball games have constant entertainment that keep energy levels up, so you’re sure to have a great time,” Bizzoco says.

Another great summer first-date idea involves getting physical… Plus, you’re bound to see some amazing scenery along the way, especially if you explore an area neither of you has gone to before.

You can also do this at dusk, so you can add the sunset to your date, too (a free romantic date addition).

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