Asp updating access check box

Regards, Possibly you could use form fields or drop down menus that when selected = a number.

For most situations, a check box is the best control for representing a Yes/No value.Discuss using ASP 3 to work with data in databases, including ASP Database Setup issues from the old P2P forum on this specific subtopic. I know that unchecked checkboxes are not passed to the server...(I did a little research), but still don't have any clue on how to fix this problem! This is the code that I am using: It only works only once and only if the field in the database is set to TRUE.I do know that reading the Yes/No field into a boolean variable (from a Data Reader) works. Write("UPDATE Article_Table SET Ready To Display=" Ready To Display_CB. End(); in the itemupdating event for the datasource control you are using and then run the result in Access itself in the Query Designer (unless the result of Response. It's just that entering the data into the database doesn't seem to work. The YESNO datatype in Access is -1 for true, and 0 for false. If this was the problem I would expect you to be getting a datatype mismatch error.

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