Asp net objectdatasource onupdating

Handle On Updating and create the business object yourself using the values in the event args and add them to the parameters and delete the values you used.

Then add your output params to the event args dictionary.

Selected Value and the Country Name i.e ddl Country. Update the web.config file with the correct connection string to connect to your newly created data source.** Object Data Source Hi KPMT-Technician, Sorry to respond so late.

Yes the solution you gave is an excellent way without visiting the database to fetch the Country Name the way I solved the problem.

The city table records both the Country Id and Country name so I need to pass both the Text and value of the Drop Down List. But the microsoft portal ceview.updating(VS.80)the sample is adding Key / Value to the e. Experts Exchange gives me answers from people who do know a lot about one thing, in a easy to use platform." -Todd S. With a subscription, you can access all the Cloud Class® courses to expand your education, prep for certifications, and get top-notch instructions. I have attached the Sys file where in you will find all the required constants. I have attached a zip file of my project so you can setup and run while comparing code to see the differences.

I tried to handle the onupdating event and changing the e. Hi KPMT-Technician, Sorry but didnt understand what you mean by "could you run a backup of your data source and post it". In case some constants are missing then the same can by created by you. Sys I have gotten a working sample to gether but I am unable to recreate your error. I make a couple adjustments to help troubleshoot and when I run the code it works for me. Robert Fidler Springfield, Mo **Attached project was created with the above code then condenced to make a sample project.

The Grid View is being populated using an Object Data Source and Object Data Type Name details of which are given in the code. All related code and table structure is given in the code.

Tried to delete and recreate, tried to add the country Name etc but failed. In the DAO I am fetching the country Name from the database and inserting / updating to the City table. My solution requires a database access but your approach is without a database access and also a new way i have learned. Input Parameters["objcity"] to include the country name in the City Entity, but getting the error Input Parameters is a readonly field. With minimal change in code and without handling the On Updating event I can pass the Country Name from the ddl Country control. Do you want me to send you the table structure and all the data. If the constant name is City ID then public const string City ID = "City ID"; If the Constant name is City IDAt, here the 'At' as suffix indicate a parameter then public const string City IDAt = "@City ID"; Notice the difference in value of the City ID and City IDAt. I added: Default values to the [SP_City Update] stored proc. On a Windows 2008 x64 system using Visual Studio 2008 Pro. Uncompress project and rename all files by removing the file extension. I need to pass both the Country ID i.e ddl Country. Us the database backup located in the App Data folder to recreate data source. I change the selected country and click the update button/link to save the changes. Thank You Madhu Menon "The solutions and answers provided on Experts Exchange have been extremely helpful to me over the last few years.But when the city table is updated the Country Name fields is left blank. I wear a lot of hats - Developer, Database Administrator, Help Desk, etc., so I know a lot of things but not a lot about one thing. That’s why we’re bringing professional training courses to Experts Exchange.

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