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It’s actually based on the reality that people are polarized.

People are not talking to each other based on things like religion and race, and that’s a real problem.

Publicists, journalists, and trays of grilled sandwiches circulate around us.“This is the first time in a very long time that I’ve been sent to a fancy hotel to do a press junket,” says Mortensen, trying in vain to keep his discomfort under wraps.

“I’ve already done, like, I don’t know how many hundred interviews in the last two days.

Il est indéniablement l'un des plus grands artistes contemporains.

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“I started thinking it’s also an interesting exercise as a parent to say, what if I devoted every single second to the best possible forming of my children, giving all my attention to give them a best possible start I could? “What if you gave them a start that was intellectual in every way, that encouraged open discourse?

And then you realize after awhile, it’s not like that. S.,” says Mortensen, who dressed the Cash compound with many of his own books and objects from his home.

“You hear it echoed by political campaigns, and the media feeds it, but it’s not all invented.

He doesn’t have any false moments.”In keeping with the other projects he has embarked upon since his is personal to Mortensen, echoing his journey both as a child and as a father.

Like the Cash children, Mortensen and his younger brothers Walter and Charles had singular childhoods.

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