Aqueduct lime dating

Water catchment lakes, streams and reservoirs will be plentiful on the site.

Some thought has been given to using a portion of the land for a model farm.

"Even though we search for minority contractors with the thought of promoting good human relations, we do keep good business in mind too so we can keep costs within reason for this project," says Williams.

"When we find these people we request bids for their work, and, if in some cases they don't receive contracts, due to high bidding, which is natural in the case of many small contractors, we go over their contracts to help them understand details in, good prices in the submission of bids.

This stand is taken because of, rather than in spite of, a dedication to science. - The 22 young men from the Chicago metropolitan area taking part in a new training program for the National Accelerator Laboratory recently were visited by representatives of NAL and DUSAF. Marofske, NAL personnel manager, and Malcolm Lee, of DUSAF, visited the site of the group's training at the AEC's Y-12 plant operated by the Nuclear Division, Union Carbide Corporation in this atomic energy research and development center.

"At this time we are engaged in canvassing the whole country in search of these minority manufacturers.

The local libraries, historical museums and societies contain material dating back to the early 1800's -- the Potawatomi Indians who first settled hear the "Big Woods," the early white settlers, information oh the nearby towns and farmlands inhabited by former and present residents.

What legacy will NAL leave for those who come to the area in another hundred years?

Will the 200 Be V Accelerator, or a 500 Be V Accelerator, for which there is room for expansion, be as obsolete as the Indian arrowheads are today?

Could these 6,800 acres be within the city limits of Chicago -- possibly the only vestige of rural living in this area?

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