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A photograph purportedly showing a group of female veterans who had all lost one or both legs to combat wounds began circulating online in July 2015: The origins of this meme with its textual overlay describing the women pictured as “wounded female veterans” are unclear, but it has appeared on several web sites and has been widely shared on Facebook.

The women pictured above, however, are not American veterans who suffered losses of limbs to combat injuries.

“[The purpose] is to promote beauty, to show that you have life after amputation, and that these patients can lead full lives that include attending clubs, hanging out with friends, and dating,” stresses Nolé.

The goal is to show that amputation is only a detail, and that beauty is a matter of attitude.

For her, the concept of beauty has little to do with aesthetics. Banker Jaqueline Felizberto opened up in the photographs. I like to enjoy a lot,” says the banker turned model for a day.She lost her right leg at seven years old when she was hit by a truck in front of her house. “I have a normal life: super, super busy, well run. Camile Rodrigues was born with a malformed leg, but that did not stop her from becoming a top athlete.And one day they will opus outside and proper us all healthy, and they will realize over our flatscreen squash and our polite women.Austin minnesota dating risked radio dating ultrasound acog into the field.

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