Among cat dating diet fight from rivalry woman

An anime adaptation premiered on October 1, 2009 in Japan.Jyunpei Kousaka is a second-year high school student who is allergic to cats, and because of this he hates the sight of them.His love interest is Kaede Mizuno, but is starting to become aware of the feelings of the other girls around him.Kaede is Jyunpei Kousaka's classmate and crush who is initially oblivious of his feelings for her. Despite loving cats, her family owns four dogs, and cats tend to avoid her as she not only carries their smell, but gets overenthusiastic in handling them.Some of this attitude is due to how Kotone's father practically ignored her and gave her common cat food while lavishing attention and gourmet cat food on Tama. She, along with her sister, know that Jyunpei is cursed.

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To complicate matters, he accidentally destroys the statue of a cat deity, and to atone for it, he must make use of his new-found ability of communicating with cats to fulfill the requests of one hundred cats.This is mainly due to her only having experience with the big dogs her family owns and not realizing that cats are much different creatures.She tends to be airheaded, react to things naively and misunderstand people.Slowly, she too begins to harbor feelings for Jyunpei but tries to conceal them.Keizo is a Buddhist monk at the temple in which the cat deity dwells. Despite being a monk, he often dons disguises to visit cabaret clubs.

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