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Hi my question is about the following i'm using the select tag in my form, but the value does not get passed on to the email that gets send out. Routing works correct URL is changing in a browser, but the component doesn't invoke the ... I have dynamic data which i'm displaying in the table.

Create a folder for the model of PC relevant to the BIOS update, then set a WMI Query so it will only run against that model.

This is what you would most likely be doing for driver packages.

This is to ensure that the devices BIOS settings are always configured with a password before my BIOS update step runs.

I’ve focused on HP however the solution I have implemented would work for any vendor, just adjust to suit the utility they offer. If you are enabling Bit Locker as part of your Task Sequence then you should already been using the HP Bios Config Utility to enable your TPM and set your BIOS settings using something like Bios Config /Set: TPMEnable.

As mentioned before I have my update steps after my BIOS REPSET import settings step (which enables the TPM etc).

This occurs after the PC has rebooted following the Setup Windows and Config Mgr step.

And mayby you can help me and advice more elegant way to ...

More specifically the fact that I’ve needed to apply them to some of my older HP Desktops and Laptops so we could deploy Windows 10 1511 reliably.

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