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Indeed, some scientists believe there may be an 80-day cycle of slight shrinking and expanding.

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Deep truths are seldom grasped whole; early models are often flawed in some of their particulars.If that hypothesis has no credible competition, despite much work in the area, then our confidence in it begins to soar.If that hypothesis also supplies us with numerous insights into nature, which are confirmed by further observation and testing, then it might attain the status of a "scientific theory." (Note that a scientific theory ranks very high in credibility, has been tested repeatedly, and serves as a successful framework for integrating and explaining a class of diverse, natural phenomena; it must not be confused with the layman's use of "theory" which refers to half-baked speculation or guesswork.Since careful inspection shows no signs of such a flood, the earth can't be older than a few weeks! We do need to know something about the system under study. No one familiar with tides would assume that the rate of water going out is constant over weeks of time!Just as obvious, at least to the experts, our sun could not have been continuously shrinking over millions of years as described by some creationists.

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