A hybrid model in dynamic software updating for c

(Even so, the GSOP does not list all PCRs and PCNs, and is only current through March 1972.) It's interesting to note that many of the changes listed in the PCRs are simply deletions of lunar code that would be unnecessary for a CM-to-Skylab mission.

I think that a "normal" software-developer perspective on this would be that deletion of the working code, even if the code itself is unnecessary, represents more of a risk in terms of creating undetected breakage than simply leaving the code in place and not using it would be.

a hybrid model in dynamic software updating for c-25

Although the backup method described was never used, the document shows the type of analysis that went on "behind the scenes" in support of the entire mission.We have the text of a few of the Program Change Requests (PCRs), though unfortunately as of yet, none of the Program Change Notices (PCNs), and just one of the Memos.The table of PCRs and PCNs below mostly comes from Appendix A of Section 2 of the SKYLARK GSOP.There are over 325 known COLOSSUS Memos, so the tiny selection we provide here is paltry indeed.SKYLARK, if you'll recall, is the AGC software that replaced COLOSSUS (and was adapted from it) in the command modules used for the Apollo-Skylab and Apollo-Soyuz missions.

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