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In some ways pandora makes it the easiest for you if you use the standard aiml.IF you do not have room on your computer for software and/ or want to talk with some online chat bots then you will find the links here There are links to my own personal online chatbots, Botlibre Chatbots , Chatbot4u, Chatbots , Lovedroids Chatbots , Pandora Chatbots , Personalityforge Chatbots , Twitter Chatbots and links to various other kinds of online chatbots.AS is true with any chat bot they interact with people and people don't always use the proper language so use any chat bot at your own risk. I think it's funny cause his picture is of that one show. We make use of Expression Engine, one of the largest weblog publication systems in the world. Additionally, your statistics (number of visits, numbers of reactions, duration of your visits etcetera) will be accessible to you in the future. We will NEVER spam you, nor publish or sell your details to any third party. We’ll store all the details you enter on in our database and we maintain statistics of your visits with the sole reason to give you the best personalized service possible. If you are a member, you can access your personal data through your account panel after you login.

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