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AAs the numbers dwindle, predictions become more difficult.

Casey Abrams (who is rumored to be dating Haley Reinhart) and his upright bass joined forces to deliver “Have you Ever Seen the Rain,” by Creedence Clearwater Revival.The judges didn’t seem to mind; Steven called her a natural born woman and Randy said she did a good job."Salaam Kim, I received your details from an investment consultant in a recent leading international business round-table engagement. "Herr Weiss (farfar Helge Nicolai) er en mand af fortættet energi, og han er af "sydlandsk" udseende. "I agree with your tag line, if you think it, you can do it!My company will be interested and willing to fund you in any current project you are undergoing, as we are privately seeking means of expanding our company's investment portfolio internationally. Hans tip-tip-tipoldefader, som var af adelsslægt, indvandrede fra Rhinlandet til Danmark på Napoleonskrigenes tid." - udtalt af Københavns Kommunes tidligere Skattedirektør, nu afdøde Anton Christophersen. From upscale products and services, to innovative new ideas, Kim has the ability to understand the needs of his clients/colleagues and exceed their expectations. " - bohèmen, forfatteren & filosoffen Jurij Moskvitin.

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    Back in the bedroom the waiter seems to feel a bit awkward and decides to leave.