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Then use the apex of that pyramid as the volume of our Sun. Volume of the Pyramid =h*B/3 (Here h is the height of the Pyramid, B is the area of the base)=(1/3)*146.71*(230.35*230.35) cu.

meters = 2,594,865.6 cubic meters (18,069,333 cubic royal cubits or 91,636,814 cubic feet) Menkaure Base: 110 m (345.5 ft) on each side Height: 68.8 m (216 ft) tall Angle of Incline: 51.3 degrees Volume: 277,465.584 cubic meters Interesting relationship between volumes of the 1st (Khufu) and the 2nd (Khafre) pyramid: If volume of the Great Pyramid (Khufu) is equal 1, volume of the Khafre’s pyramid (to the scale) is 0.848.

If volume of Earth is equal 1, volume of Venus (to the same scale) is 0.857.

For you see the creators of those pyramids not only understood three dimensional volume, they also understood the secret of time… Light is simply the by-product of matter, regardless of how fast matter moves light always leaves matter at a constant. while the third truth is how to create unlimited Energy. If E=MC I would give you the math but I could post it day long and haters will not believe it and simply try to tear me down. I’m giving this all away, I’m not asking you for anything other then spend one hour doing the math. they are also telling us they understood how our universe actually works.Space and Time are uniform inside their respective dimensions only.In our reality time moves at the same speed whether you’re experiencing velocity here on Earth or on Mars, Mercury, Venus or Saturn or on the other side of our galaxy…if we survive the transition some cultures have prophesized/warned us about…before we all die this how I suggest you should start.

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